Cottage Food Act 

I make my caramels under the Cottage Food Act. I make them in my home kitchen. I have my business license, food handling certificate, tax forms, and all the labeling requirements under the Act.  I live in Westminster in the Metro Area. I am able to sell in the state of Colorado and can ship to the person that will be eating the product.

Caramels can be packaged in anyway that fits your needs.  At Christmas I put Caramels in tins, all size bags, coffee mugs for your teacher gift, Sunday School teacher, co-worker or….Valentine’s Day, I have heart shaped glass dish that the Caramels go in for a sweet treat!  Prices start at $5-$30 plus tax.

It is easiest to talk to you about your needs so don’t hesitate to call me at 720.988.0423 or to email me so we can communicate

Cost $18.00

Bags any size you need…..

.   Mug of Caramels Tin of Caramels Tin of Caramels box


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