Bitchin’ Biscuits

Peanut butter and Pumpkin Biscuits Boss tasting biscuit treatParsley and Mint Biscuits Parsley and Mint biscuits in bags Biscuits bagged

These treats will be evolving with new recipes as we test them.  The Parsely/Mint biscuit is good for breath, Molasses good flavor, and the Pumpkin/Peanut Butter are light and crunchy.

I have my grand puppies and our two Black Pugs test. Abby is a picky one and when she devours her biscuit I know most of her friends will like it also!

These are all natural ingredients and should be eaten within a couple weeks to be fresh. You can store them in an air tight container in the fridge or freeze them if it will take longer to eat.  I can make them up in any size order you need.  Prices start at $5



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